Rhode Island Construction Companies Can Tackle Any Restoration or Bricklaying Project

We’re going to talk about one of the best general contractors in Rhode Island.

You can be assured they always arrive on time. What is more, they are reliable and adequately qualified to carry out any bricklayer tasks to perfection.

Their team is always willing to assist you with selecting proper masonry products that would also add value to your home.

If at any stage you find that the mort of your brickwork happens to be powdery when you run your finger along some of the joints, then you will know it is time to call in the help of an experienced construction company to do the repair work.

Who knows, you may be sick at your stomach just by looking at the already unsightly cracks present in your wall. Why tolerate it any longer. Sourcing professional contractors are not all that hard.

Rest assured. No construction project is too large or too small for Contractors Network. They are proud to say that any bricklaying work is of customized high quality, done well on time, with a large assortment of various types of bricks you can choose from.

They will provide you with free bricklaying advice for your project

You are free to discuss any future bricklaying project with them without feeling obligated to make use of their services.

So, right from putting together your bricklaying plans to organizing the necessary permits for getting the project completed, Contractors Network has what it takes to carry out any bricklaying project to perfection. Their expert team strives to get the job done right every single time as they plan every step of your bricklaying project while leaving nothing to chance.

They will even take care of customized construction work such as double-sided wood fireplaces.

Double sided wood fireplaces are perfect for just about any application – right from an installation for a new home to restoring an existing brick fireplace. It is also the ideal room divider when installing between two rooms, such as a family room and a lounge, where the heat would be evenly transferred throughout your home. 

This way you only need to make use of a single flue to view the fire in both rooms at the same time. These types of fireplaces are often used in either larger homes or restaurants and are made using brick, ceramic, stone, cement or a combination of one or more materials.

What makes double-sided wood fireplaces so popular is the flexibility it offers when it comes to designing and placing an attractive feature between two adjoining rooms.

You could even place it right in the center of a huge family or living room. Thereby it becomes the focal point where onlookers can enjoy the fire coming from two sides of the same room. This allows you to create two very unique seating areas with a space on the one end for watching TV and creating a more formal arrangement on the other end of your fireplace.

Alternative Uses for Double Sided Wood Fireplaces

Some people would find that double sided wood fireplaces are very useful as a very attractive room divider for a family room and a kitchen where it can add warmth to both rooms while you could even surround the fireplace with space-saving cabinets on both ends. This would assist you in creating valuable storage space.

Double sided wood fireplaces are easy to customize on either side for it to fit in perfectly with the rest of the surrounding decor. For instance, you may want to install very colorful ceramic tiles in front of the one end while covering the other area with elegant marble or granite tiles.

It is also an excellent idea to place a double-sided wood fireplace between your master bedroom and the en-suite bathroom. This way you get to enjoy the fire from your bathtub and still soak up the same heat when entering your bedroom once you had a bath.

One thing is for sure with double sided wood fireplaces, your decorating possibilities are endless. Homeowners, builders, and interior designers are often intrigued by the open feeling that one can create with a fireplace between two different areas of your home that also enables you to see through to the other area while saving on heating expenses at the same time.

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