Saturday, July 28, 2007

Where have I been, Where will I be??

Sorry to all my regular viewers for an absense.

I've been very busy this week saying Goodbye's and everything preparing to leave Vermont.

I'm off to the UK for a flying visit with my partner (well 3 weeks) and will be all over the place so know my blogging will sadly suffer.

I'll be back blogging seriously by September I hope as I am moving to Montreal then but I wil make sure I get some posts in before then and reply to all my comments and visitors.

Until next time (very soon!), Forest!

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Has The Random Forest lost it's fire?

Well I hope it hasn't lost it's fire yet, I guess I see it really as just warming up.

So why do I ask this question?

Yesterday I had 8 Feedburner readers. Almost reaching 10 made me greatly excited. The sky felt like an easy height to achieve, I was thinking that next week it will be 20, then 50, then 100 and then one day 1,00,000.

However today I saw that sadly my readers had dropped back down to 5. Oh dear! I felt mildly devastated and confused "what did I do wrong? Was it because I did not post yesterday? Was it because my tongue in cheek dig at the letter Z offended what is probably mostly a US audience? Did Feedburner have a glitch?"

Well I have no answer, I am having extreme trouble working out what I need to provide to get people reading but see this as an exciting journey and want to formulate a list of things to as I constantly read that people like lists. So here goes...

To Do by the end of the week.
1. Submit 2 articles to Blog Carnivals
2. Visit and if liked comment on at least 10 new blogs, subscribing if liked
3. Comment on all my liked blogs at least once
4. Read up and find out about good affiliate programs and which ones I should add to my blog
5. Find out how to change my template without affecting any added coding
6. Find a new template
7. Add one article to Helium and Associated Content (Same article is ok if allowed)
8. Learn to understand the Statcounter stats
9. Post at least 3 more times
10. Make sure I have enough items for my next list of 10

I guess that small set back has caused some concern to me and made me create a list of To Do's but the last week or so has been extremely positive. My traffic has slowly increased as you can see from the image below it's slowly getting better and today my on blog counter just reached 300 unique visits!

Hardly 100,000 a week yet but I'm excited.

Reading other people blogs had become a real inspiration. My attempt at starting a Meme hasn't really worked yet as there as so many around being started and pushed by the big guys (you know who you are) but I am making contacts and I have really started to find some voices I like.

I can't thank everyone enough for commenting on my blog. It really is a great feeling to know that somebody is actually reading and not just visiting for a brief second in fact I best be off very shortly to go on a reading lastest post rampage!

Before I head off I want to thank a few inspirational blogs and blogs I like. I now feel that an online work and some social life is achievable and I really want to work hard to achieve this for myself.

Bush Mackel - Bush started a great series for new bloggers and I have found his blog to be extremely helpful and informative as well as occassionally random and to boot he seems like a very friendly nice guy.

Bob Meets World - Bob again is very helpful and between this blog and his other one John Cow I have learnt the beginnings of the skills I need, also he is a great friendly helpful guy... do you see a pattern here?

Ugly Mail Boxes - This site basically gives me a pretty much daily laugh

Julie Anne Bonner - I'm not sure if she reads this blog but she was one of the first blogs that I came across when I first started my research and she sent me a very helpful email when I first started blogging with my original blog back in April. I always read her new posts and am always entertained.

Snoskred's Life In the Country Has been great and I may use the same template when I get round to changing. Snoskred came by my site and was very helpful when she added me to something came Stumble Upon and it caused that Tuesday hump in my traffic.

Twisted Sisters - This site can be very negative in tone but it's mostly just ranting and good humoured and I like it. Insanity Suits Me has been visiting and commenting on my site which is very encouraging!

I also want to mention Samir because I like his blog design and if you check out his latest post about conversing with urban Indians it is very funny. Christyz has always been a good place to stop by and same goes for Joanne's I'm Happy Fish and Aaron Cook. Sorry if I missed anyone who has been regularly stopping by.

Adios, gonna go find some fuel to help this blog burn brighter......

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Problem with Z

Recently the letter Z has been rather annoying me.

I am British and grew up in London but for the last 5 weeks I have been over the pond in the grand old USA.

I have always pronounced Z as Zed but over here it's called Zee. Why? I should just accept it. I can accept different cultures beliefs and pretty much everything else except the pronunciation of the letter Z!

To my joy I discovered that Canada say Zed. Horray I thought, then somebody pointed out to me that like the USA they say Zeebra and not Zedbra like I'm used too.

I just don't know where to turn or what to do.

I have also always maintained that words such as Subsidised should be spelt with the S and not the Z but in recent weeks or blogging I have had to swallow my belief and use Z to appease the dreaded red underline of the spelling check.

I'll make it a point to just accept it from now. I may even start saying Zee for my short while left here!

Well I'm glad I got that off my chest :)

We invented Web 3.0

Please I need your help!

I'm typing this from a very secret location. In fact I have had to move 4 times and I have only reached the 30th word of this post.

This morning I was tinkering around with an old IBM 386 and I accidentally invented Web 3.0 whilst I was trying to remember the DOS command to load up Battle Chess.

I don't know how I did it and I'm very scared to release the application to anyone as I have not yet managed to understand what Web 2.0 is so have no idea how much of an affect my accidental stumble is going to cause on the workings of our crazy world. There may be a right time or place but I will have to keep my discovery secret until that time or place materializes.

So I have a plan.......

All I need is for everyone to post with the title "We Invented Web 3.0" then use this message or amend as you wish and add to the list any other bloggers who are to be named as accomplices (It does not matter how many, just keep adding and informing them that you have done so!). If you leave a comment here I will edit and add you to this post.

Hopefully if enough people get in on this I will stop having to look out for Black Mercedes and can no longer live in fear of people wearing sunglasses.... Please please help me, they can't get to all of us can they!!

Our Accomplices:
The Random Forest Subscribe here
Bush Mackel Subscribe here
Snoskred Subcribe here
I'm Happy Fish Subscribe here
Julie Ann Bonner Subscribe here
Bob Meets World Subscribe here
Samir Subscribe here
Twisted Sister Subscribe here

Sorry if I have missed anyone, I hope you get the message and help the cause..... Gotta go there is a man walking towards me with his hand inside his suit jacket. Bye.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter and the motivational problems ***SPOILER***

I have just briefly hopped on a computer today to do a quick post and have been surfing around looking at others blogs and attempting to find a Harry Potter spoiler because I can't be bothered to read the book.

I decided I better write a post and I'm eluded by a subject so thought that I would use it as a tiny experiment instead.

By tagging Harry Potter in this post will it gain me any visitors as it is a HOT topic today I guess? Also of them readers will any of them stay for longer than a few seconds.

Oh and just so people who are looking for a Harry Potter Spoiler here one is:
Wow I bet you thought that was funny! I guess I could have a very least done a decent job on the retouching.

I'll report back if anything does happen :)

Bye bye for now.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Links and Tips

Bush just posted this so I though I would continue it with my tip.

Start Copy

It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.)

Add the next number (1. 2. 3. 4. 5., etc.) and write your own blogging tip for other bloggers.

Try to make your tip general.After that, tag 10 other people. Link love some friends!

Just think– if 10 people start this, the 10 people pass it onto another 10 people, you have 100 links already!

1. Look, read, and learn. *

2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other.

3. Don't let money change ya!

End Copy

Been up to Mischief

2 days away and traffic has deteriorated! So it's true this is what happens! Well what a great excuse to make sure I try and blog everyday for as long as I can.

So where have I been? Well..... I'm currently in Vermont, USA on a long vacation (been here 5 weeks, sadly only 1 left) visiting my partner Lara.

Last few days I ended up seeing 2 great gigs.

On Wednesday night we saw a great Australian band called The Cat Empire. A very schizophrenic band who mixes up ska, cuban style, salsa, jazz, rock and DJ beats and just parties like there is no tomorrow. We saw that they were playing when we drove past the venue (Higher Ground) and as I had tried to get tickets earlier this year for their London gig I was excitedly shouting that we should go. In London they sold out 2 nights in a row in a venue that I imagine was about 7000 capacity so when they were playing a little 1000 venue in Vermont I was amazed. I got the tickets online and we put out the idea to a few others that they should come along.
Going to the venue I was preparing myself for the typical gig crush and tiredness from standing around in a sweaty strange position and attempting to dance in a space just enough to only have one foot on the floor at a time. So I took a breath and entered............. "hmmmmmmmm only about 150 people there!! People must come out late here" I thought. This was a strange feeling, this huge band and no one here to see them! Well luckily they filled up to about 300 by the time they came on but I was still very confused. I guess they just are not that big in the states. Of the 5 others I was with only me and my partner had heard of the band but I can safely say everybody shook their behinds and had a great time. At only $16 it was a deal too. I would advise you to check them out!

Last night we went all gangster (well gangster for me y'all!!!) or is it gangsta, oh dear I dunno, can't really do the cool hip hop thing but do like listening to the music every now and then. We went to a very small venue in downtown Burlington called Metronome and saw part of the Hieroglyphics crew called Souls of Mischief. These guys I was told were Underground Gangsta Hip Hop which didn't really appeal to me but... I had heard some of their stuff and knew I liked it. Del the Funkee Homosapien of Gorillaz fame is also part of the Hiero crew (sadly he wasn't tpresent last night) and I guess his fame and my partners love of these guys were they only reason I ended up at the show and I was very glad indeed.
Slightly drunk and feeling a little cynical I was very impressed when the opener Icon The Mic, King Kaze came on with a huge toothy smile and a great slightly arrogant but fun attitude. His pinnacle came when he blindfolded himself and had a member of the crowd hand him random objects that he would have to guess and freestyle about. Whether you like Hip Hop or not there was no way on earth that ou could deny this act was impressive. Whilst feeling and rapping and thinking he managed to keep flowing and correctly guess every object.
Souls of Mischief came on after Icon had well and truly done his job and worked everybody into a friendly frenzy and they solidly and honestly worked through their set. Sadly being not very Hip Hoppy I had trouble with some of the lyrics and didn't particularily like some of their skits on women but I guess it's the nature of the sound and I was expecting it a little. Overall another great night.

Off to a family (not my family) BBQ tonight, well not looking forward so much as it's raining, but hey I need to chill out and it will give me time to think about more posts!

I think I'm getting used to having hangovers, I best detox for a bit!

Speak to y'all soon :) Take care.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Where is my mind!

I've been blogging here for 10 days now. It's not my first blog but it is the one i've started to put some serious time and work into.

I originally started At Last I'm Free earlier this year with the hope of finding various ways to earn money online. I guess I just did not put enough time in early on and this blog so far has failed to really take off. However it still stands as a place to document my online money making life and it will continue to be a place to post stuff like this.

10 days in and lot's of reading I am still utterly confused about how on earth I will be able to realize my dream and make money online.

Google Adsense
looked amazing but after reading and reading and reading and reading some more the overall view seems to be that you need a lot of visitors (Tens of Thousands) to make it work out. I can't see that happening to me any time soon! seemed like a great idea. I have submitted 5 articles and have enjoyed doing so but to date have only earned 5cents! I guess it's something though and I will continue to submit as it is a fun thing to do and after all that's the one thing I really am gaining from all this. My bearded Dragon article has just made it to number 1 so I'm very happy about that (I'll post it up here soon).

Associated Content seems to have had great reviews from people so I just signed up yesterday. I have hoped this may earn me some money and earn me some more enjoyment but right at this moment I am finding it very hard to think up any original articles and this is what it thrives on. It does seem like a great place to be involved in so hopefully you will wish me luck here.

Oi Parks is a website that I have set up to sell large format prints to UK customers from their supplied digital photos or from a selection of art available on my site. I still have more of my stuff to add and I hope it will grow to be a large directory but I have come stuck trying to think of ways to promote and market and really need to start finding a strategy and stick to it.

Pay Per Post
has accepted that I have applied the code on my website but I think I need to get a Google Page Rank of around 3 before I am eligible for any opportunities. I'm not 100% sure how I go about doing this so I best find out and get onto it. It seems like a fairly good scheme. As long as my readers know it's a sponsored post I hope they will not have a problem with me featuring it.

I also want to start a few more niche blogs and want to use Wordpress for these are most of the serious bloggers seem to use this and I want to know why!

So I guess that's what I am up to mostly. It sounds mostly negative so I need to stop crying like a little babay and start really working on networking and making my blog worth a read and find my own voice.

So far so many people have been helpful with or without them knowing. I now have many blogs that I read everyday and am attempting to become an active commenter as I know this is the a great way to enjoy the blogging experience and create awareness for my online presence.

If anyone has any ideas about any new schemes I should try then please let me know and I would love to give them a try.

Thanks, I'll post an update on everything soon.

Monday, July 16, 2007

The Nature of the Beast - Some help for us new ones

Bush over at has just started a series of articles to help people thinking of blogging and is offering advice to see if it's what you want to do.

He has been helpful to me and obviously cares about his subject matter so I would suggest if new you head over to it here:

Start blogging (series part 1) nature of the beast

If your not new then it's still worth checking out his blog anyway as he is informative and funny.

Hope you like it over there.

License to Wed - It's Alright!!

Image from Wikipedia
Article as submitted by me to

The only thing that led to me seeing this movie was a rainy afternoon, a few hours to kill and the small possibility that the gracefully aging Robin Williams would provide enough laughs to sustain some form of entertainment.

Not normally a fan of bland Hollywood formulaic comedies I was surprised that for me this supplied a moderate amount of entertainment.

Sadie Jones (Mandy Moore) and Ben Murphy (John Krasinski) think they are in love. Like many young couples they have never argued and the thought that life would ever have bad moments for them is far from either of their minds. When Ben asks Sadie to marry him at Sadie's parents 30th anniversary the obvious answer is yes.

Ben's idea for a simple Caribbean wedding is knocked aside by Sadie as she explains it's always been her dream to be married in her local church using the family Reverend, Reverend Frank (Robin Williams). The first sign of how this relationship exists shows as Ben just swallows and agrees with Mandy with no fight.

So even before Reverend Frank is introduced we know a rocky ride is ahead.

After meeting Reverend Frank and finding out that the only date available in the next few years is in 3 weeks Sadie and Ben agree excitedly... then Reverend Frank lets them know that they will have to complete his prenuptial course before he will agree to perform the ceremony.

So with only a few weeks to complete a course that normally takes a few months Ben reluctantly becomes the butt of the joke in this movie as Williams in a slightly tamed version of his normal style bullies and belittles this man to a point of absolute break down in the relationship.

Even after Ben spills some info from the past of Reverend Frank things are still against him. But maybe Reverend Frank's attempts to break this relationship are not what they seem. Like 1 hour photo (A Williams masterpiece, in my opinion) Reverend Frank turns out to be acting for the good of the couple and as predicted love prevails and the marriage finally takes place in the Caribbean and with Reverend Frank. So everybody leaves the movie feeling mildly happy as usual.

Most of the comedy in this movie is provided by Williams' antics and cruelty towards Ben. When he gives the couple 2 robotic babies to look after Ben is lumbered with most of the work and quietly suffers in order to appease Sadie. The babies are incredibly annoying and Rev. Frank's mini sidekick (An annoying kid from the Ministers of the Future) has controls to turn up their behavior. Baby abuse normally isn't funny but when robots are involved it became a belly laugh part of the movie.

I would say if bored and nothing else is on this movie may provide some entertainment so don't write it off straight away. However don't expect anything new.

Williams is still due another classic comedy.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Ugly Mailboxes

I was looking through people who had recently visited me and a lady who runs this site Ugly Mailboxes was one of them.

I enjoyed my visit and subscribed as I thought it would be a great quick blog to visit and thought I would share that withe everyone.

Name Change

I don't know if I have done this successfully but this blog now has a new name and domain. I've attempted to transfer over the widgets and stuff and hope it's all good!!

do The Random Forest is the new name. Hopefully i'll have a new customised template soon too.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I found this interesting post on Ms Danielle's site and as i'm suffering from extremely low traffic right now (well this is a very new blog and i'm not sure 100% what i'm doing so it's expected, I gues, right!!! OH DEAR I hope my content isn't that awful, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stop the paranoia, you will be fine :) ) it seemed like an interesting prospect!

It's bacically like a link swap but using the favourites system in Technorati. So as Ms Danielle posted on her post all you have to do is this:

1. Click Here and Add me to your Technorati Favorites List
2. Leave a comment on this post that you’ve added me. Put YOUR Technorati Favorite
URL in the comment so I can add you too.
3. I’ll add you to my Technorati Favorites list once I receive your comment.

Then copy and paste this stuff and follow the directions:

***Start Copying Here:***

Here are the rules:

1) Write a short introduction paragraph about how you found the list, including a link to the blog post that referred you to it.

2) Copy the rules and entire list below and post it on your blog. To avoid duplicate content and increase the number of keywords to each site, change up the titles of the blogs. Just don’t change the links.

3) Take the “My New Faves” and move them into “The Original Faves” list along with your site. Make sure all links are working properly.

4) Add 3 blogs to your Technorati Favorites and link them in the “My New Faves” section. Don’t forget to add the “Fave Me” link next to the new blogs (i.e.;=

5) Add Everyone on this list to your Technorati Favorites List by clicking on “Fave this Site.” Those who want good kharma will fave you back. If not, you will for sure get the benefits of faves from the bloggers who continue this list after you.

My New Faves


Boof's Bergblog Fave this Site
Smart Marketing Ideas Fave this Site
Julie Ann Bonner
Fave this site

The Original Faves

The Random Forest Fave this Site
Danny Dang
Fave this Site
ReFormatThis Fave this Site
Little Money Fave this Site
- Fave this Site
DoshDosh - Fave this Site
- Fave this Site
MsDanielle - Fave this Site
JeffKee - Fave this Site
ScribbleOnTheWall - Fave this Site
JimiMorrisonsHead - Fave this Site
JonLee - Fave this Site
Samanathon - Fave this Site
EatDrinknBeMerry - Fave this Site
- Fave this Site
HannesJohnson - Fave this Site
- Fave this Site
NathanDrach - Fave this Site
SiteLogic - Fave this Site
JuliesJournal - Fave this Site
TeaAndSlippers - Fave this Site
EdLau - Fave this Site
QMusings - Fave this Site
StephenFung - Fave this Site

***End Copying Here***

Monday, July 9, 2007

Per Post - Just Joined

I have just recently joined Pay Per Post and am excited at the opportunities that they will be giving me. The ads on blogs system will allow me to bid for chances to review products and earn cash for each one.

Currently as you can see the traffic on my blog is low but ads on blogs allows you to sign up at anytime although the big assignments won't roll in until I become more established i'm sure i'll find small opportunities which in the long run will give me a small amount of revenue and increase my chances of reaching them bigger jobs.

So the sign up process was easy, a small amount of code was added to my blog and I think i'm just waiting for my blog to be approved before outside assignments will be available for mr to try and get. This piece I am writing now could even potentially earn me some money as it is the first assignment that I am eligable for.

Anyway I will keep everyone posted on my progress and make sure I keep working hard to acheive my goals.

Movie reviews: SiCKO (2007)

A copy of my review on Helium
Image link from

After umming and arring I finally decided to go and see SiCKO the new film from the controversial Michael Moore. SiCKO attempts to highlight the huge problems with the American privatized health care and insurance system by showing a series of extreme examples pointing the fingers at the evil insurance companies.

This film is frightening and at times extremely funny. Michael Moore manages to expertly push the audience in shock and makes everyone feel like something needs to be done. I guess I feel this is a good idea, almost everyone knows of a health insurance nightmare and in many peoples opinions medical care is just too expensive but personally I had severe problems with certain aspects of Michael Moores techniques.

I was cynical of this film as I have been with other Michael Moore offerings. To me it felt as though he was again making the argument extremely one sided and treated the average American like they did not know anything and should eat up his propaganda as quickly as he believes people eat up the propaganda given by the beloved government!

Being English the one sidedness that I had suspected was confirmed. When Mr Moore visited England to have a look at the NHS (our government run health system) he painted it in such an amazing light that I wouldn't be surprised if half of the US applies for UK immigration. The NHS is definitely a better system in my opinion than the US insurance system but he neglected to mention the money problems and waiting times problems and hospital cleanliness issues that are common place. I'd imagine that the French and Canadian that he painted in the same amazing light systems also suffer from their fair share of problems too.

I felt the pace of the movie became repetitive after a while too. Although the cases he highlighted were all shocking, i'm sure true, and highlighted the problem very well we all knew that the finally outcome would be bad even if he sarcastically tries to lead us away from thinking that.

One huge and amazing point to come out of the movie was the cost of drugs in neighboring Cuba. A $120 inhaler was found to cost around 5cents in Cuba which really is outrageous and I thank Mr Moore for highlighting this. The stunt he pulled taking ill Americans to Cuba for free treatment was extremely funny and seemed spontaneous and dangerous but I'm sure it was a very well planned activity that included needing to get Visas and using his contacts to pull strings to allow certain parts of the filming.

And the final insult from the self absorbed man was when he put in a kick to an anti Michael Moore web site owner by revealing that it was him that had donated an anomalous $12000 for the medical treatment of the site owners wife. In my opinion real generosity would have been achieved only if he did not reveal on tape that it was him that had given the money.

I think this movie should be seen. The problem is real and it does need highlighting. I just wish that it was a shorter film and that at least some reality had been brought to the other sides of the argument. Michael Moore needs to realize that people are big enough and clever enough to make up their own minds.

Evo - earn money with online gaming

After reading a post on Me and My Drum I was made aware of a possible new Online Business Opportunity with a twist. It's called EVO and it's trying to mix Online Gaming with Social Networking which seems quite interesting to me so I signed up.

It launches on July 15th and people are being given the chance to register early to set up their own hosting page for the networking and online games and i'm not totally sure how it will being you income but it looks like it could be fun.

If you are interested then register here and you will be helping me enlarge my network then people you invite will enlarge your network and so on and maybe if this works we will have all benefited each other.

So July 15th will be ther day when we find out what's going on and I hope that at least a small amount of the hype is true.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yummy Pasta Sauce

Here is my pasta sauce recipe as posted on Helium.

Firstly this sauce is no revelation but it is mighty nice, cheap and in sauce terms very quick to make.

It's not a hard and fast recipe either so can be adapted according to fridge contents.

So how did I come across it...

I hated tomatoes and the only tomato based food I would eat was pizza but one day I was at a friends house having dinner and was presented with a plate of pasta smothered in Dolmio pasta sauce. Out of pure politeness I decided I would try and eat it. To my surprise it was quite nice but still not perfect and buying of the shelf sauces is more expensive than home cooking so I decided I would try my own.

I went to my local shop and purchased some expensive tinned tomatoes and over time and testing I think I have come up with a recipe that never fails to be nutritious and pleasant to eat so here it is:

INGREDIENTS: (produces around 10 servings, can be frozen and easily reheated)
8 tins plum tomatoes (Cheapest are fine I have discovered)
1.5 Large Onions
3 Cloves Garlic
Vegetables (Use your favorite, a few carrots, some broccoli, courgettes and green/red peppers work well using a handful or so of each)
Soy Sauce
Olive Oil

Chop the onions and vegetables into chuncky pieces
Chop the garlic finely or use a garlic crusher
Heat a small amount of Olive Oil in a large wok or pan and then add the onions and garlic. Fry for a few minutes until slightly browning.
Add the vegetables and fry for a few minutes making sure you keep turing and stirring.
Then you can just go right ahead and add all the tinned tomatoes and make sure th heat is fairly high.
Now keep watch on the tomatoes and stir and slowly crush them with your stirring device (this will get easier as the cooking goes on) until it starts to produce a lumpy sauce (should be about 10mins)
Add a small amount of salt and soy sauce (to taste) then add loads of basil.
Keep the whole thing simering for another 10-15mins making sure you keep coming back to further crush the tomaties and stir the mixture.

Then serve straight onto whatever type of pasta you wish.

I told you it was simple and I promise you it is nice!

A small tip... if your tomatoes are having a touch time condensing down then add a small amount of sugar and this seems to help them break up.

I use this recipe quite often and make it is varied batch sizes depending on how many ingredients I have in the fridge. It can be easily frozen and reheated in a pan or microwave. I also sometimes add chilli powder and have added curry powder and chick peas to turn it into a basic curry.

I think 10 servings could easily be made for around 8/$15 if you shop for the cheapest stuff which has always worked out fine for me.

Transformers - My thoughts

Here is my quick review of the latest Transformers movie as posted on Helium.

Transformers the Movie was the first ever movie I went to see.

At 5 years old I don't remember the whole thing but remember being marvelled at the huge war and years later remember hearing a rumour of a little swearing hidden in it's depths.

So of course when the new film was announced I was eager to go see it and have been keeping tabs on it's progress since the first teaser trailor.

Shortly after the movie started I realised that this film wasn't aimed at the scores of current 5 year olds that are playing with the latest incarnation of the transformers toy line. This film was aimed at me and the other 5 year olds who sat in the cinema over 20 years ago with our mouths agape totally consumed.

So what did I make of this film. I did enjoy it but it was very hard to digest everything. Far too many characters and complete inconsistency between humour and serious political points, women with the most stuck fast make up ever, even after a huge city fight they manage to keep that lipstick right where it is supposed to be, and many plot holes. For instance it was finitely explained how and why these alien robots are disguised as everyday human machines (well almost everyday machines) but then there was no explanation as to how Megatron managed to become a state of the art jet when he had been isolated since the time that tea clippers were hi-tech. I guess a big slow floating Megatron would not have had the same effect during the tense well executed battle scenes.

The battle scenes and transforming special effects were amazing though and made the movie well worth seeing, well that and a small role for the type cast Bernie Mac that had me and gladly most others in the cinema in hysterics.

Here is a link to another bloggers review of the original movie if anyone is interessted. Like mine it's a quick review without too much detail but a fun quick read.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hi everyone,

I have started this blog because I have been wanting post reviews and personal thoughts on things but have not really been able to justify adding them to my other blog as that blog is more about how i'm trying to acheive earning a living online.

I've also recently joined helium so will post anything I write on there on here too and am also hoping to use this area for any services where by I can get paid for writing reviews for products and services although I know that the fact this blog has no traffic right now will make that hard work.

I will make sure that I try to clearly distinguish between articles that i'm being paid for and articles that are just my random ramblings.

So please check back often or even better subscribe so you know when to come back.