Thursday, October 4, 2007

Quit your Jibber Jabber


After reading the first few lines of Bush's recent meme post 'My Desktop' waves of nostalgia for the 80's came spilling back into my head.

I am an 80's child thrown into this world back in '81 I grew up lapping up American television and believing that America really was the place of Dreams.

Of course I was aware that the good old US of A had it's problems but gladly a certain group of Soldiers of Fortune were there to make sure that it was all flattened out.. oh and most importantly under strict orders (and funding) of Charles Hestons mob no one ever died.

The A-team, as cheesy and completely unrealistic as it was, was a real fun part of my youth. I think I used to watch it on ITV on a Saturday early evening and BA was truely a man to look up to, even though he only stands 5'10 (surprising, I know!).

A while ago I heard that there may be plans for a big screen version of this old Tv classic. This could possibly be the biggest movie mistake ever, or it could turn out to be one of the most entertaining films in many years. None the less I have been figuring out my Dream A Team for a while now and my current line up is as the photo above shows:

Hannibal - Jack Nicolson
Howling Mad Murdoch - Jim Carey (Almost certainly the ONLY choice!)
Face Man - Jude Law
BA Baracus - Michael Clark Duncan

Jack Nicolson is in my opinion an acting god. In recent films such as About Scmidt and The Departed he has shown his accute attention to making himself somebody else is still in tact and I still think he has more than 'what it takes' to pull off the subtle blend of comedic lines and authoritative father figurism needed for a modern Hannibal.

Jim Carey pigeon holed himself in early performances as a madcap clown but recent offerings have shown his solid serious side. Blend these two where needed and Murdoch is almost unchanged from his original form.

Jude Law can be hit or miss. He is a good actor but has made some medicore decisions in his time. However he is smooth when needed and carries the looks to pull off 'the ladies' man persona needed for the role. I say 'Give him the job'.

BA is the hardest one to replace. Two faces come to mind and the one I did not choose is Ving Rhames because he is the popular choice. I believe Michael Clark Duncan on the other hand has shown he can be mean and sensitive and he certainly carries the huge huge presence needed to attempt to follow in Mt T's shadow.

For a while I have thought that only Mr T could play BA but I understand the need to move on. And also if you watch this video below you will see that he is much more adept at singing and should be pursuing a singing and dance career.

So who do you think should make up the new A-Team?

Further reading on the movie news:


Bush Mackel said...

I can't believe that anyone but Mr. T could play BA! Even Michael Clark who is awesome...I mean, it'd be different if Mr. T was dead or something but he's not!

Maybe if they replace the whole team the original (if all still alive) needs to make a cameo.

Forest Parks said...

I know all the surviving members have been offered cameos or roles of some sort.

George Peppard (Hannibal) died in the late 80's I think. Apparently Mr T and George Peppard really did not get along.