Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A new baby is born

Firstly apologies for being gone for a few days.

I have been having troubled times with my first jump into Wordpress.

An idea I had a while ago for a directory website has finally been born (in it's initial incarnation anyway).

I have been battling for the last few days to get my head around Wordpress and bend it to my needs for this directory site.

So here it is

The function of the site is to provide a comprehensive list of large format print suppliers in the UK with easy area search, free of charge. Revenue (if any!) will initially come from Adsense.

The next steps are to keep working on the functionality (improving the search, add listings daily (as it will take a while before people are contacting me with their details) and also delve into the weird and wonderful world of Search Engine Optimization!!

Please let me know what you think (honestly) as this is my first try at anything even remotely business based.

There are also many more ideas up my sleeves and hopefully I can start work on some of them sometime soon.


Samir said... Excellent! A commercial venture. I congratulate you on taking one more step towards that goal that I have ever taken.

I think it's a great idea that you're trying to execute. Any good commercial idea has to start with a service at its base, and I am pretty sure people will find this very useful. Being a designer, I can testify to the fact that finding these sorts of printers even within a city you know well can be a challenge.

Wordpress may not technically be the best beast to create a directory, but what it lacks in flexibility, it makes up for in simplicity. I think you've done a good job of it so far — you've created proper keyword permalinks, which is the essential first step.

I see you are using a domain/directory-entry structure where you include the location name after the name of the place [eg: http://domain/london-displays-london/]. I'm assuming this means you have to manually change the permalink text for each post include the location name. You could try doing a cleaner version of this where you set up the rule in the permalinks so the structure becomes domain/category/directory entry. That would automatically generate addresses like this http://domain/london/london-displays/ . Might me more logical, and less work in the long run — also more directory-like.

It's early days and there's plenty of work to go, but I think it's a great start to a useful site. Best of luck!

Forest Parks said...

Thanks for the encouragement.

I started this service off solely as a UK venture to start so it would not be overwhelming.

My knowledge of the net and it's workings is still very limited but I am slowly getting there and this site is still beyond me!! But I made it work in it's simplest form.

One of the major steps I will be facing is actually getting people submitting their details to me so I don't have to go hunting for sites myself.

Also the big big thing is, how the hell do I attract visitors?