Friday, September 7, 2007

Quick memories from the UK

As promised here is a selection of photos from my UK trip. For more you can visit my Flickr here


First off I visited my Dad in Hastings, South East England. It's a small coastal town famous fro fish and chips, smugglers, quaint buildings and rowdy drinker types.

As you can see if beautiful.


Whilst in Hastings we popped over to the nearby town of Battle. This is where the Battle of 1066 took place so that's why there is a boring picture of a field. The abbey in the background was built after the battle. To be honest it was a bit boring but it's all historical and stuff so had to be visited.

Eniskillen, Northern Ireland:

We then headed off to Eniskille in Northern Ireland. It really was a beautiful but still full of reminders of the fact that a struggle has / in some ways still is happening between the British Government and some Irish parties.

We spent a lot of time here growing our beer bellies!

Liverpool and Chester

A few days were spent chilling in the home of the Beatles and one of the oldest tudor cities in the UK.

Finally Home to London:

Trafalgar Square, Some scary people sculptures and a old graveyard in South East London.

Not much else to say really, apart from the fact that it was great!