Monday, September 10, 2007

I'm a legal alien, A legal alien in Montreal

Well just over a week ago I arrived in Montreal to start my new life.

Today I just (sort of) moved into a new apartment and I just managed to start a job washing dishes in a kitchen.

It's a very different life to the one I had in London where I owned a flat and charged a fair amount of money for people to hire me for graphic layouts but I think this new life is more challenging.

I turned up for my first shift on Saturday night and had no safety induction or anything. I was just dressed in white clothes and pointed towards the washing up area where an emotionless guy stood there staring at me.

I was left to fend for myself and quickly discovered that the people I was working with spoke French only so strangely for the first time I remember I was the one who was could not understand rather than the normal perception that the foreign people can't understand you. What a shock that was!

I hated the job, could not speak to the people, barely am earning enough to live and will be looking for something new but at least I'm experiencing first hand the predicament I have seen with many immigrants and travelers that come to London, and for that I feel very proud of myself.


People in the Sun said...

I had some kind of identity shock when I moved to the US and found myself working, as all Israelis do, as a mover. Good luck in your new life. New beginnings are always hard, and they always get better.

LindaF said...

Good luck to you, I'm not sure I would be brave enough to embark on a similar adventure!