Thursday, September 13, 2007


At last, after a long long time of thinking I have managed to change my template.

I converted to Minima and then used a great simple guide over at Tips For New Bloggers to finally get my third column.

I've changed the entire mood of te site and your opinions would be greatly appreciated.

It still needs some tweaking as I have alignment issues with the header and other things but this will come in time.

I have also started to clean up my widgets and will be looking to find some new ones that will hopefully benefit me and my blog.


insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

I like the new layout... I've been meaning to add the third column as well - hope it's not too much trouble... I hate playing God with my template!LOL

Forest Parks said...

Thanks Dawn, It's nice to finally have something which is a little more 'My Blog'.

It was easy to add the third column following that tutorial so I'm sure you will have no trouble.

Samir said...

Nursery Admission Delhi I've actually not been to your site in a while (The perils of RSS!), so it was a pleasant surprise to finally see the new layout.

Good job and congratulations on your first official 'My Blog' template!

That third column can be a real boon. More so with the recent stampede of new and useful widgets you can add to your blog. One column can get a little cumbersone when you need to scroll all the way down the page to access some functions.

Dawn, how could you NOT play God with your template?! You haven't lived (or blogged) until you have played God with your template and made everything disappear off the page at least once. It's a regular parting of the Red Sea moment, and I assure you you will remember it fondly in retrospect. :D
... seriously though, a bit of tinkering with your template is always a good thing, to help add in that little personal touch or correct some minor niggles. But (temporarily) disappearing pages and major overhauls are cool too.