Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Has The Random Forest lost it's fire?

Well I hope it hasn't lost it's fire yet, I guess I see it really as just warming up.

So why do I ask this question?

Yesterday I had 8 Feedburner readers. Almost reaching 10 made me greatly excited. The sky felt like an easy height to achieve, I was thinking that next week it will be 20, then 50, then 100 and then one day 1,00,000.

However today I saw that sadly my readers had dropped back down to 5. Oh dear! I felt mildly devastated and confused "what did I do wrong? Was it because I did not post yesterday? Was it because my tongue in cheek dig at the letter Z offended what is probably mostly a US audience? Did Feedburner have a glitch?"

Well I have no answer, I am having extreme trouble working out what I need to provide to get people reading but see this as an exciting journey and want to formulate a list of things to as I constantly read that people like lists. So here goes...

To Do by the end of the week.
1. Submit 2 articles to Blog Carnivals
2. Visit and if liked comment on at least 10 new blogs, subscribing if liked
3. Comment on all my liked blogs at least once
4. Read up and find out about good affiliate programs and which ones I should add to my blog
5. Find out how to change my template without affecting any added coding
6. Find a new template
7. Add one article to Helium and Associated Content (Same article is ok if allowed)
8. Learn to understand the Statcounter stats
9. Post at least 3 more times
10. Make sure I have enough items for my next list of 10

I guess that small set back has caused some concern to me and made me create a list of To Do's but the last week or so has been extremely positive. My traffic has slowly increased as you can see from the image below it's slowly getting better and today my on blog counter just reached 300 unique visits!

Hardly 100,000 a week yet but I'm excited.

Reading other people blogs had become a real inspiration. My attempt at starting a Meme hasn't really worked yet as there as so many around being started and pushed by the big guys (you know who you are) but I am making contacts and I have really started to find some voices I like.

I can't thank everyone enough for commenting on my blog. It really is a great feeling to know that somebody is actually reading and not just visiting for a brief second in fact I best be off very shortly to go on a reading lastest post rampage!

Before I head off I want to thank a few inspirational blogs and blogs I like. I now feel that an online work and some social life is achievable and I really want to work hard to achieve this for myself.

Bush Mackel - Bush started a great series for new bloggers and I have found his blog to be extremely helpful and informative as well as occassionally random and to boot he seems like a very friendly nice guy.

Bob Meets World - Bob again is very helpful and between this blog and his other one John Cow I have learnt the beginnings of the skills I need, also he is a great friendly helpful guy... do you see a pattern here?

Ugly Mail Boxes - This site basically gives me a pretty much daily laugh

Julie Anne Bonner - I'm not sure if she reads this blog but she was one of the first blogs that I came across when I first started my research and she sent me a very helpful email when I first started blogging with my original blog back in April. I always read her new posts and am always entertained.

Snoskred's Life In the Country Has been great and I may use the same template when I get round to changing. Snoskred came by my site and was very helpful when she added me to something came Stumble Upon and it caused that Tuesday hump in my traffic.

Twisted Sisters - This site can be very negative in tone but it's mostly just ranting and good humoured and I like it. Insanity Suits Me has been visiting and commenting on my site which is very encouraging!

I also want to mention Samir because I like his blog design and if you check out his latest post about conversing with urban Indians it is very funny. Christyz has always been a good place to stop by and same goes for Joanne's I'm Happy Fish and Aaron Cook. Sorry if I missed anyone who has been regularly stopping by.

Adios, gonna go find some fuel to help this blog burn brighter......


Opal: Vegan Momma said...

The readers I have fluctuates when I started active engaging my readers it picked up. I was hovering at around ninety something for a little while, and now it's up to a little over 100.

I wouldn't focus on that too much. Write quality content, Visit others and live an excellent comment, visit forums, link to other bloggers that you like and you should receive an increase in your numbers over time.

It can be a slow process and I've been in your position a few times. In fact, I'm in the same position, with a few of my newer websites.

Bush Mackel said...

As always, Opal knows what she's talking about. When you're first trying to build your readership first off, make sure your readers know about it. It took me a long long time before I really understood what RSS was.

I would suggest writing a post about it, but it may be better suited for when you have more readers so it has a bigger impact. Until then, just follow what Opal says. It's rough at first but you gotta be patient, write the interesting content and befriend your fellow blogger!

Talk to you soon!

Brown Baron said...

Don't worry about the decrease. It's just a normal Feedburner fluctuation. Sometimes it fluctuates for 3 days straight before it finally shows you the new number. I can still remember when that happened to me at the start. I kind of panicked haha.

Forest Parks said...

Hey thanks everyone,

The fact that people comment still amazes me :)

LindaF said...

Why wouldn't we comment? Everyone loves to "hear themselves talk" right? ;)

I'm one of your subscribers btw! And I appreciate your kind words about my blog. Thank you.

Snoskred said...

I also am one of your subscribers. ;) YAY!

But I still get you in the Bumpzee feeds as well..

Traffic is a scary thing - my 5 million online article has been viewed by about 15,000 people over the last few days thanks to Stumbleupon. It's starting to calm down a bit now.

My advice to you - from blogger to blogger - keep your voice. So many times when a good blogger gets traffic, they freak out a bit and change.

Even I did it to some extent - I swear a lot less now. If you look back at my blogs early days the f word is all over the place. ;)

And, another tip - always sign off your comment and put a link back to your blog, like I'm about to do. That way people always know where to find you without having to figure it out on their own *and* it can be good for your google page rank etc. ;)


Joanne said...

I found a reply to all your comments is very important for keeping your readers, people always like to check back if their comment being read or getting any responses back, I think we all do. And I fully agreed with Opal, content still the king, cheers :)

And now take the advise from Snoskred ...

http://www.imhappyfish.com/blog :)

Samir said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm glad you like my site and happy to know you found my piece on How to Start a Conversation with an Urban Indian funny. It's very difficult to tell when you've got humour right, so positive feedback is always a welcome relief.

I wouldn't worry about your minor setback from 8 to 5 RSS readers on any particular day. Those kind of deviations are more than normal and once you have tens or hundreds of subscribers, you won't notice. If it makes you feel any better, one of those 3 missing feed readers is definitely me. Strangely enough, I check up on the actual sites more often than I log into my feed reader! Needless to say I'm a bit strange and backward. ;)


Grace said...

Blog Carnivals help your blog a lot. :D Memes, too. Speaking of which, have you noticed an increase in visitors from the Blogging Tips meme? :D

insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

I hope the tone of our site doesn't scare you off completely!!! Really we are harmless ;)
I am looking at your to-do list and I think if you submit an article to helium they automatically retain the rights to it and you can't publish the same article elsewhere. Correct me please if I am wrong because I have been writing different articles for AC and Helium.
And I agree with Joanne, replying to your commenter's is so important and a lesson that I learned the hard way.. :(

Forest Parks said...

Oh dear!!

Maybe I should have checked the Helium terms!! My week turned out worse than I imagined and my todo list isn't even half done....

I have hardly been online the last 2 days and I must make sure I get some stuff done and reply to everyone and read up on everyones blogs now otherwise my blog may die............

Amazingly the Meme has made my Technorati rating burst! What a great idea i'm glad I got in on it early.

Rhea said...

You sound like you are on the right track. I am always seeking out new readers. Good luck!

Certifiable (Ann) said...

Do not despair, you'll get there! It requires time, effort, and a great deal of patience! I'm still learning as most of us are!

SteamyKitchen said...

Thanks for the list - had fun clicking through all your recommendations!

steamy kitchen