Monday, November 12, 2007

New Samsung Phone

This is a sponsored post

I was moaning about my current phone (which is also a samsung) the other day over at Bush's place and I commented that phones were cheaper in the UK.

Well... this new Samsung
Camera Phone looks pretty snazzy and has great features. If you go onto their site you can help some clubbers win it and look at some funny pics.

They also have a guide to the best UK clubs if that's your thing. So if you feel inclined why not go to the website.

The site has a very cool flash design and quite unique menu system (I thought).

You can vote for your favourite Queue Jumper from our gallery of 300 image-concious UK clubbers. All contestants have been selected by the nations finest Door Pickers from across the country and shot with the amazing Samsung G600 5 megapixel camera. The fifteen individuals with the most votes will each win the hottest, most talked about mobile model this season: The Samsung G600

What's more, from the 22nd-31st October 2007, the fifteen Queue Jumper gallery winners will be joined by fifteen winners from our G600 Queue Jumper application poll on Facebook - The thirty winners will then be entered into a grand final, where one lucky Queue Jumper will win an amazing modelbook and photoshoot managed by one of Europes leading model agencies Independent Talent worth £10,000

Also make sure you take a glance at the features and specs of the most stylish phone of 2007, the Samsung G600 slim slider 5 megapixel Camera Phone.

My REAL intentions

The best reconstructive surgery after breast cancer clinic Laclinic. . Everything you need to know about Planet Coaster game is on website. Try it I was recently looking through my old blog 'At Last I'm Free', as I am planning on taking it down very soon and am seeing if there is any content I can salvage.

After reading through my posts and thinking back to early this year when I started, it came across that my main aim was making money! That really was not my main aim but for some reason I believed that talking about it was an interesting subject

It was interesting to see where I was and where I am now and I thought I would publish my first post for you guys to see before I take it down forever.

It was called '£0' and was published sometime in April 2007


LOCATION: UK, Train between London and Hastings.

So here it is! Hopefully the start of my new online life. I'm going into this blind. If the stories are to be believed alot of hard work will eventually pay off with the possibility of earning an income online.
I'm 25 now and have been working since I was 16 as a Graphic Designer for print work and have only briefly scratched the surface of anything web related. Obviously like most 20somethings i'm fairly addicted to checking my email and surfing the net. My dream is to find a way of working from the internet with no office, no one to go and see and no ties as to when I work. I hope that I will be able to take my work anywhere where a wireless network or internet cafe lurks. The streets of Bali, a North American Lumberjack town or a sleepy Somerset village. I no longer want constraints of where I work but I am willing to work.
So I know I now have an extremely steep learning curve. It's going to be in my nature to steer towards ideas that somehow relate to imagery and graphics but I am hoping to try out various different money making strategies and hopefully put fingers in several pies to try and spread the chances of hitting on something good.
I guess my aim will be £1000 per month, if I reside at my mothers house in Liverpool (uk) then this should be enough to enjoy travellinga around and give me the freedom I crave. If I can acheive this (ever) I will have amazed myself but who knows, you just have to try these things. For now i'll make my next few weeks an aim to get something above £0.
As you can see this blog needs a lot of formatting and designing to make it more than just the template and that will definitely be one of my first jobs. I've also been surfing around the web and on first inspection it seems that Google Adsense seems to be the number 1 earner for most people so i'll be looking at incorporating that into this site and hopefully any other sites I start working on. I've also made a promise that wherever I feature money making advertisements I will always feature a free advert to one of the charities that I care for.
So, How exactly am I going to start. I have a swarm of various ideas blowing around my head and have been reading snippets here and there. So firstly I need to nail down a few serious ideas and start implementing them.
One of the first ideas I will work on are a few designs on a site called Cafepress let's you sell merchandise featuring your designs and place a mark up on there product. They give you the webspace, print and distribute your items for free or a small premium cost depending on what kind of service you want from them. I particularily have one T-shirt design in mind but will try and find a few others around the theme and upload them, then start the promotion. Actual earning from this site seem to be sketchy from reading testimonials but if it's a few dollars as a start and becomes pretty easy to maintain then it will be a start.
I also have an idea for a links website for which i'll post more details later. This will be a basic site manually run by me at the start and featuring Google Adsense and a few other affiliate and pay per click schemes if possible. Details will follow when I have purchased the web address and started putting everything together.
Right now, i'm full of all the enthusiasm and none of the knowledge! Research will be key to this being a success and hopefully if anybody else reading this is interested in pursueing the same destiny then maybe my coming posts will be a help and maybe they can point me in the way of some helpful information. I will also be searching around and linking to other blogs and articles that I find helpful.
Wish me luck!!!!

(bad spelling and grammar has been left in tact!)

I guess my aims and intentions are still similar. Things are going more slowly that I first imagined they would and I am less focused on money making. I also think th naivety has worn off.

Wow I said 'I' in this post more than ever before. I am so selfish!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

What on earth is MMORPG?

This is a sponsored post, and it includes a link to a great South Park episode :)

A while back I started looking for online games and online worlds mainly out of curiosity. I originally found out about Second Life and was astounded that people were actually making a ton of money on there by running real business and buying and selling things in the virtual world. I soon realised it was more than just a game and have been very interested in looking further into the possibility of me creating something online there for myself. It would be great to have my very own Random Forest online with RSS feeds on the trees displaying my blog posts for all to read and just a nice cool area for people to chill and chat.

However when I found out that people were making and bringing real money into the gaming online gaming world I was even more astounded. I heard that people has sold their characters for thousands of dollars and buying weapons and such things was common place.

These games are known as MMORPG's. This stands for 'Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing' which is a term I only learned when I decided to take on this sponsored post.

Everyone has heard of World of Warcraft now. It's popularity has risen to such a height that even South Park has paid tribute and parody to it (as you can watch below, it's hilarious!)

South Park-Make Love, Not Warcraft

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I recently purchased a WoW demo and was excited about finding out what the hype is about but sadly I don't have enough hard disk space on my MacBooks Windows partician! So I will have to wait.

I am guessing that you earn wow gold whilst playing and this can be used within the game to buy virtual goods and services. Another way of getting this is by using real cash to buy it and then you can spend it in the virtual world.

The market for these virtual goods and services is predicted to raise to $4 billion by 2008 and WoW currently has 9 million players worldwide.

Game Goods is one suh company where you can get this wow gold and they say that:

"GameGoods is a premium player in this industry and one of the best companies to but world of warcraft gold with really competitive prices, 24/7 customer service and extremely fast delivery speeds.".
The site looks clean and professional and it looks like you can purchase in 4 very quick steps using Credit Card, PayPal and a few other options. Easy Peasy!!

Maybe one day I'll be hooked to Warcraft or a similar game. Usually I like to let my characters progress based on my skill but I can understand the want to improve quickly in these huge universes and thus this can be acheived by purchasing using your hard earned cash.

I wonder if they South Park guys could have just beat that guy by buying some wow gold and then upgrading their characters enough to kill him?

Irish words for underwear!


I have just been looking at some of my stats and noticed that someone had found me by typing 'Irish words for underwear' Strangely it's double spaced too! If you type that into Google I am the second result down.

As I don't get many people coming here from funny search terms I thought I would post about it.

So what are some Irish (Gaelic) words for underwear?

fo-éadaí = Underwear
brístín = Knickers / Briefs
mionbhrístíní = Briefs
fobhrístí = Underpants
Translations were found from

I'm baaaaaack

After an evening and whole morning of being on the phone with the service provider and testing various pieces of equipment, I have finally managed to get my Landlords internet connection back online and can finally start using the net again!

Just needed a new router, always very simple....

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Sorry I have not been around!

The internet decided to stop working at home and is still not working.... and I have committed to fixing a PC for my partners friend.

I thought it would be a quick job but now I have become involved in playing Doctor Frankenstein and chopping the parts from two dead computers into one. Also got to go buy a network card and maybe a small hard drive for it!

So I have grabbed a few moments in Subway using the wireless to read my mails and read a few posts.

Hopefully I'll be back online at home later tonight.

Bye bye for now!

Who the hell are Aston Villa Football Club?

This is a sponsored post

When I lived back in the UK, like many young Brits I used to follow football (or Soccer as I have to keep saying over here in Canada).

I lived for many years next to Charlton Athletic FC and my family were supporters so naturally I ended up becoming a follower too.

Since I have been here in Montreal I have not been keeping up to date with Football / Soccer news so have recently been thinking that I need to find a decent site to bookmark so that I can keep a rough eye on what is going on. I guess the offical Premiership site may be the best place for me to get general news

But.... if you happen to be an Aston Villa Fan then Aston Villa News might be the perfect place for you to bookmark.

VillaMad is a unofficial website that gives you tons of up to date AVFC news, history info, match reports, squad details and much more.

If you are wondering what the hell I am on about then here is a quick roundup.

Aston Villa have been a staple team in the English Premiership for many years now. They were recently bought by the American Randy Lerner and are they are managed by a fantastic manager called Martin O'Neil.

They are also currently fighting for one of the positions to allow them to go into the European Cup and play against the best clubs throughout Europe.

Some of their players include Gareth Barry (recently on the England squad), Ashley Young and Martin Laursen (trust me, theya re all pretty good :) ).

If you don't know much about English Football or you are a avid fan then this is a great place to go. The layout of the site is pretty cluttered but once to adjust and start reading it is packed with info and may well be the only place you need to visit for the news.